Practical HACCP Training

Practical HACCP™ & Food Safety

HACCP Training

(Includes “HACCP I: Prerequisite Programs” & “HACCP II: Developing HACCP Plans”)

Duration: 4 days (in-person), Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario

Course Fee: $1,500 CAD

Dates Offered Duration DeliveryLocation
Mar 23-24 & 30-31, 20244 days (Sat/Sun)In-Person Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Sep 21-22 & 28-29, 20244 days (Sat/Sun)In-PersonMississauga, Ontario Canada

Course Description

The Practical HACCP™ training series, including HACCP I: Prerequisite Programs, and HACCP II: Developing HACCP Plans, is consistent with the intent and scope of the CFIA program / the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) approach to a Preventive Control Plan (PCP), the Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene, and the International HACCP Alliance course curriculum.

This course is delivered by lead instructors who have fulfilled the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements for serving as a HACCP instructor and teaching HACCP courses. It helps participants better understand HACCP and its practical applications, as well as provide participants with hands-on knowledge and experience.

Upon successful completion of the advanced HACCP course, you will be able to document your prerequisite programs/Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), create specific forms that can be used for the documentation of a HACCP plan based on the product your select, and systematically understand and apply the following modules:

HACCP I: Prerequisite Programs (2 days)

The HACCP I course provides detailed information on each of the seven prerequisite programs, also known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), including food safety concerns specific to each prerequisite program, as well as practical exercises in writing and implementing the procedures (SOPs/SSOPs) for monitoring, deviation and record keeping components. The HACCP I also provides an overview of the HACCP system and the Codex HACCP Principles.

Module 1 – Introduction to HACCP and Food Safety

    • HACCP System Overview
    • Global Food Safety Standards and Regulatory Impacts on Food Safety
    • Introduction to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)
    • Review FSEP Plan against the Preventive Control Plan (PCP) of the SFCR

Module 2 – Practical Steps to HACCP Implementation

    • Key Factors for Successful HACCP System Implementation
    • Preliminary Steps to Developing a HACCP Plan
    • Introduction to the Codex 7 Principles of HACCP
    • Establish Employee Training Programs

Module 3 – Components of HACCP Prerequisite Programs

    • Premises and Facility Maintenance
    • Transportation, Purchasing/Receiving/Shipping and Storage
    • Equipment Design, Maintenance and Calibration
    • Personnel / Employee Training
    • Sanitation and Pest Control
    • Traceability and Recall System
    • Allergen Control / Food Additives / Foreign Material Control Programs

Module 4 – Prerequisite Programs Documentation and Implementation

    • Format for writing Prerequisite Programs Procedures
    • Prerequisite Programs, GMPs and SOPs/SSOPs
    • Monitoring, Deviation Procedures and Record Keeping
    • Process of Implementing Prerequisite Programs

Module 5 – Labelling and Consumer Protection Requirements of the SFCR

    • Requirements for Food Packaging and Labelling
    • Standards of Identity, Grades and Net Quantity
    • Discussion on the Measures for Consumer Protection Requirements
    • Introduction to the HACCP Project for HACCP II: Developing Your Own HACCP Plan

HACCP II: Developing HACCP Plans (2 days)

The HACCP II course provides step-by-step instructions and practical exercises on how to develop a CFIA specific HACCP plan/forms based on the Codex 12 steps in HACCP plan development, including 5 preliminary steps and 7 HACCP principles, to ensure control of food safety hazards within an establishment. Participants will have an opportunity to work through the HACCP forms by using a selected product/process that they are interested in during the practical exercises.

Module 6 – Developing CFIA/FSEP Based HACCP Plans

    • HACCP and Food Safety Plan Overview
    • Review of GMPs and other Prerequisite Programs
    • Food Safety Hazards and its Controls
    • Conduct Hazard Analysis and Determine Critical Controls Points (CCPs)
    • Writing Procedures for Monitoring, Deviation, and Verification of CCPs
    • Documentation and Record-keeping Procedures

Module 7 – Maintenance and Reassessment of a HACCP System

    • HACCP System Maintenance and Reassessment Procedures
    • Develop Maintenance and Reassessment Procedures
    • Practical Tools for HACCP System Maintenance and Reassessment

Module 8 – Validation and Verification

    • Differences Between Verification and Validation
    • Validation Components and Activities
    • Critical Control Points (CCPs) Validation
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Validation Studies

Module 9 – Auditing and Regulatory Compliance Verification

    • Steps to Conducting a HACCP System Audit
    • Prepare for internal, government, and 3rd Party Audis
    • Regulatory Verification on HACCP System and Acceptable Corrective Action Plan (CAP) in Response to a CFIA Corrective Action Request (CAR)
    • Understanding of GFSI and Its Recognized Standards (SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000)

Module 10 – HACCP Project: Developing Your Own HACCP Plan

    • Select a Product and/or Process You are Interested
    • Collect Background Information of Your Product/Process to Enable Hazard Analysis
    • Develop Your Own HACCP Plan Based on the Seven Principles of HACCP
    • Exercise Workbook and Reference Materials are Provided


The course fees listed include all course materials (a printed copy of presentation slides, CFIA/FSEP Manual, Exercise Workbook, and other reference materials/forms) that will be provided at the beginning of the class, and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course (note: the participants can choose to receive two separate certificates for HACCP I and HACCP II instead upon request). Applicable taxes are not included. The training classes are held in the GTA area near Dixie Road and Hwy 401 in Mississauga just next to Toronto and Brampton, Ontario. View map

If you need assistance or would like to schedule an onsite or online instructor-led session, please contact us.