CFIA Licensing & PCP Consulting

CFIA Licensing & PCP Consulting

CFIA License Application | PCP Preparation | Recall Procedures | Foreign Supplier Assessments 

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) came into effect on January 15, 2019. Food businesses that conduct any of the following five activities are required to obtain a licence from the CFIA:

  • Import food
  • Manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package, or label food to be exported or sent inter-provincially 
  • Export food that requires an export certificate
  • Slaughter food animals from which meat products are derived for export or to be sent across provincial
  • Store and handle a meat product in its imported condition for inspection by the CFIA

Our Services

To help food businesses comply with the SFCR, we provide the following services to help food businesses develop Preventive Control Plans (PCP) and obtain licences from the CFIA. 

1. CFIA Licence Application & PCP Consulting

CFIA Licence Application

Help apply for Safe Food for Canadian (FSC) licences from CFIA , including import licence, export licence, and manufacturing licence, and Assist with online SFC licence application, submission and registration

Preventive Control Plan (PCP) Preparation

Assist with preparation of Preventive Controls and Preventive Control Plan (PCP) to demonstrate how food safety hazards are identified and controlled and the regulatory requirements are met

Recall and Complaints Procedures Development

Assist with development of an effective customer complaint and recall/traceability system to ensure the SFCR requirements are met

2. Importer PCP Preparation and Foreign Supplier Assessment

In general, for all food except meat and shellfish, CFIA does not restrict import from certain countries or suppliers. However, CFIA requires that imported food be subject to the same level of hazard analysis and preventive food safety controls as food prepared in Canada. In the case of meat and shellfish, the importer can import only from countries that have a food safety system that the CFIA has approved and recognized as providing the same level of protection as that provided by the Safe Food for Canadians Act and its regulations.

To help importers comply with the requirements, we provide services to:

  • Assist importers with selection, evaluation and verification of foreign suppliers to ensure the Canadian standards are met.
  • Help prepare PCP, complaints and recall procedures for importers as per SFCR requirements

We also help foreign suppliers identify whether each of preventive controls under the SFCR that apply to the food are in place and are being implemented effectively, and food safety hazards that may reasonably be expected to contaminate the food have been identified and controlled to demonstrate the imported food is safe.

3. Non-resident Importer (NRI) Consulting - United States and Other Countries

All foods must be imported to Canada by a licensed Canadian importer. A foreign business that prepares foods for import into Canada cannot apply for a licence under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) unless they qualify as a non-resident importer (NRI). For more information on NRI consulting service.

4. CFIA Food Safety Programs (FSEP, QMP) Implementation

  • Assist with preparation of written PCP, consumer protection plan, traceability and recall program, as well as consumer complaint procedure as per the SFCR requirements
  • Develop and implement food safety management programs to meet the CFIA’s specific requirements including a Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP), Quality Management Program (QMP) and Export Certification Control Program (ECCP) Plan
  • Provide ongoing support to assist with your existing PCP implementation & maintenance

5. CFIA Compliance Verification / Inspection Supports

  • Provide supports in preparation for government/regulatory inspections and verification
  • Assist with taking appropriate and timely corrective actions in response to non-compliances identified by CFIA inspectors during regulatory compliance verification

For additional information or to request a consulting service, please contact us.

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